Monday, October 10, 2011

To see with both eyes open... what price do we have to pay to move forward from here? What must we sacrifice? Our pride. Shedding our insecurities like the dead skin that they are and setting them aflame. We must to learn to adapt. We must to learn to be patient. We must always listen. My heart races whether you are near or far and my love extends to the very ends of the universe for you. All of you. The end is scary thing when you can see it in the distance. Pushing it away instead of running away was something we both did. Together. I will always push. I will always fight. I will never run away, because that would mean I did not try. I will love you until the end of time, until my skin loosens and my back slowly breaks within me. My body will be weak, but my adoration, my passion, my commitment, always strong.

I did not think anyone could ever feel this way. I did not think I could ever feel this way. Every piece of you, body and soul, is all I ever wanted. The storms we face pass as storms of nature always do. We fight for each other and I have faith that we always will.

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