Tuesday, July 03, 2012

tonight i deleted all of our emails wishing they were letters instead.
painful memories are easier to feel better about if you watch them burn, i think. 
if only more things that made us sad were tangible…
there would be fires a lot.
souls all across the earth crying out in pain,
filling the sky with their cries
while the reason for the lumps in their throats turn to ash.
orange light dancing on every horizon in the dead of night
surrounded by the smell of burning lies.
i hope you’ll admit to all of yours some day.
i’ll never forget you telling me which pills would work best to fix me.
i really believed there was something broken in me.
i hate how long it took me to realize it was us.
i wish that fact were tangible.
i would turn it to ash.
put the ashes in a tin can and carry it for a block or two.
feel the weight of what emotions can do.
and did.

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