Friday, June 22, 2012

bond over alcohol
why can't we bond over our breaths
and the steps we take 
that go in the same direction
the steps we take
that may not make sense
because i want to bond
over what makes my heart soar
not what kind of alcohol will get me more horny
because i'm not that kind of girl
you can't take me on a whirl
i'd get too dizzy anyway
projectile vomit on your already dirty sheets and say
"i'm sorry i don't want to be your next puzzle"
because i'm not something you need to figure out
to fix and put together, i'm not getting better
i'm me and that's what you need to see
but you see my big hair
my short dresses with long legs
and you wonder
what they would feel like wrapped around yours
well i'm not interesting so don't call me that
i don't want to be told i'm amazing
don't kiss my ass
i'm a girl you'll get sick of fast
so you want to bond over alcohol?
yeah, i'll take your free shot
but then i'm gone to look at the stars
cause unless they're in your eyes
that's the only thing
i want to make love to in this town

1 comment:

Laura said...

Emma, please publish a book of poetry. I would buy it really, and no, I am not kissing your ass.